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Transport or repatriation

Transport or repatriation of the deceased at home and abroad


You can call on Haerens Evelyne BVBA 24 hours a day for the transport of your deceased loved one by calling our main telephone number +32 9 282 35 68. The transport of your loved one is, of course, done with an adapted car. The deceased can be transferred to the funeral home or to the mortuary of the hospital of your choice at any time of the day and according to your wishes!


Repatriation of your deceased loved one to or from abroad is, of course, also possible! Haerens Evelyne BVBA takes care of all the necessary administrative and practical matters to transfer your deceased to or from the destination in the fastest possible legal way, both internationally and intercontinental!

We work closely with the various embassies and airlines and use certified translators to translate the mandatory administrative documents in the event of repatriation.

We make every effort to repatriate your loved one in the shortest possible time and take care of the complete administrative and practical follow-up for you.

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