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Online condolences

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Express your condolences to friends and acquaintances via the platform

We also offer a platform on which your friends and acquaintances can offer their condolences for the deceased online. This is the modern way of leaving your business card in the church and attracts a lot of visitors. The sympathy messages on this website are placed with the permission of the client. Therefore, not every deceased person for whom we arrange a funeral appears online.
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Mevr. Cécile Lemahieu

Mevr. Geneviève Fache

Mevr. Elza De Kinder-Joos ‘Zaza’

Mevr. Monique Hicket

Mevr. Cécile Van den Abeele

Dhr. Jan De Meyer

Florence Mireille Françoise Marie Comtesse Goethals de Mude de Nieuwland

Dhr. Germain Van Driessche

Dhr. Eric Stampaert

Dhr. Walter Hautekeete

Dhr. Patrick Dewitte

Mdm. Bruno Deren

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