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Funeral Notices

Funeral notices in the newspaper

Funeral notices in the newspaper

Funeral notices in Sint-Martens-Latem are messages of mourning that appear in the papers.

You have the choice between numerous media in various languages:

Some Dutch-language national newspapers:
  • Mediahuis (de Standaard, het Nieuwsblad en de Gentenaar)
  • Persgroep (Het Laatste Nieuws en De Morgen)
  • Gazet van Antwerpen
  • Het Belang Van Limburg
Some French-language national newspapers:
  • La Libre Belgique
  • Le Soir
  • Vers l’avenir

We can also place funeral advertisements in regional newspapers and foreign newspapers.

Attention: The price for the publication of a funeral announcement is calculated per mm and per column. So the length and width of your funeral announcement will determine the price. The funeral director makes this appear for you.

Companies or associations can also publish a funeral announcement, with or without their logo if they want. Haerens Evelyne BVBA can also take care of this if you wish.

The day of publication is entirely your choice for most newspapers, except for regional newspapers where it has to be requested.

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