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A funeral home with 75 years of history and experience

Established for 3 generations

Albert Haerens

From cabinetmaker to a funeral director

Funerals Haerens has been a trusted funeral home in Sint-Martens-Latem and far beyond for 3 generations. “Funeral Home Albert Haerens” was founded in 1945 by Albert Haerens, cabinetmaker and furniture maker of the local village.

Jozef Haerens

Funeral director

In 1966, Jozef Haerens, son of Albert and also a carpenter and furniture maker, joined the business. Joseph ensured a very successful continuation and expansion of the company. The renewal and succession led to the official name “Funeral home Albert Haerens and son” later “Funeral Haerens bvba”. The business kept on expanding, and a 2nd and then a 3rd location followed in Ghent and Deinze.
Evelyne Haerens

Mortician and funeral director

Since 2004 at the helm of the company… not a man this time, but a motivated young lady with a clear eye for innovation. Determined but discreet and with a feminine charm, Evelyne renamed “Begrafenissen Haerens bvba” to “Haerens NV” and later in 2013 to Haerens Evelyne BVBA.