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Embalming gives the deceased a peaceful appearance

What is embalming?

Embalming is a scientific practice which, by injecting preservative fluids, guarantees a perfect hygiene of the body and gives the deceased a natural and peaceful appearance.

This treatment can be performed both in the hospital’s mortuary and in the funeral home and takes between 3 and 5 hours.

What are the advantages?

The big advantage of this treatment is, that by recreating the natural appearance of the deceased, it gives you as a family member that familiar feeling from before all the pain and sorrow.

Embalming is sometimes mandatory or desirable

This treatment is not compulsory in the event of a natural death and non-repatriation! This treatment is mandatory for repatriation to and from abroad and is highly desirable in the case of autopsy and reconstruction.

Embalming at Haerens Evelyne BVBA

At Haerens Evelyne BVBA we have our own legally qualified embalmer with specialization in autopsy and reconstruction. On request, we also provide our embalming services to private individuals and / or fellow funeral directors. Embalmers in Belgium are affiliated with the BIT (Belgian institute for Thanatopraxie).

Our embalmer is also a member of the BIT board.

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