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Coffins in all colors and shapes

Quality wood for everyone’s budget

Haerens Evelyne BVBA only works with authentic, quality wood for everyone’s budget!

Some possible wood types and finishes:

Have a look at our photo gallery for some examples of coffins on display in Sint-Martens-Latem.

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European Quality

High-quality Italian style. Traditional craftsmanship. This series represents all of these characteristics in the production of luxury coffins sought and manufactured with a deep modern sensitivity.

Each piece reflects about half a century of unparalleled quality and design; the production is characterized by a sought after modeling, the use of the manual notch, and the varied choice of the wood used.

Tight links and technical limitations in the design of its models have presented and continue to offer innovative building solutions throughout the industry and represent the best of Made in Europe, thanks to the perfect blend of luxury, craftsmanship and modern style.

Street Art | Made in Belgium

The inspiration for the design came from classic vanitas still lifes. These often depict symbolic objects such as candles, smoke, flowers, hourglasses, and books. They all represent a finite amount of time in which they bloom. The book is a symbol of the stories and memories that shape our lives.

A cloth is draped around the rose; this symbolizes the affection and love that surrounds us. An infinity sign has been incorporated into hourglasses since an infinite element is also present in this system of finitude. The sides were adorned with a stylized lunar cycle to enhance the feeling of the time that passes.


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In Between

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